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Established in 1996, STEP ON IT is a family run Australian manufacturer and leader in creating superior non slip stair, walkway, and ladder rung safety products that are suitable for every pedestrian access area in every sector. We have the flexibility and experience to deliver products on time and specifically tailored to suit the individual client needs.

STEP ON IT products have been crafted from specially selected materials to ensure safe, nonslip surfaces that are effective and comply with all applicable regulatory guidelines. They are of such high quality that they are specified for their use in the construction, defence, education, energy, engineering, food & beverage, government, health & safety, infrastructure, manufacturing, petrochemical, rail, utilities and transportation sectors.

Though we have been continually trusted to carry out works for some of the nation’s largest projects, we are equally happy to supply businesses with our products in small quantities. Whilst we continue to develop our products to keep up with industry and legislative requirements, we can always work with clients on their specific needs.